X-Files BEST STAND ALONE EPISODES and Celebrity Cameos

I love x-files. I love watching old episodes on Netflix, but my favorite are the Stand Alones. Episodes that can be watched out of order, and tend to not have an ongoing story theme. I love the ones about the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie), El Chupacabra, Vampires, Genies and the Jersey Devil.

In the new X-Files (2016) I’ll be curious to see if Skully still jokes with Mulder about his love of porn. For a few seasons the ribbing was constant. References to videos left in his office. I guess now it would be more about porn websites he’s been surfing.

If you are an Evil Dead (1981) fan you must watch season 6 Terms of Endearment starring Bruce Campbell.

Bryan Cranston fans, may enjoy Drive. (Also in season 6.) Walter Whites partner, Jessie Pinkman shows up in later on, in the 9th season, Lord Of The Flies.

Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi are in season 3. Jody Foster does a voice cameo in season 4.

If you enjoyed the film Just One Of The Guys (1985) then you will have a surprise in season 6 episode the Rain King, another one of my very favorite episodes. Which I have added 5 asterisks to*****.

Please enjoy my favorite stand alone episodes listed by season along with my favorite celebrity cameos.

Season 1

  1. Squeeze  (episode 3)
  2. Jersey Devil  (episode 5)
  3. Gender Bender (episode 15)
  4. Darkness Falls (episode 20)

Season 2

  1. Host (episode 2)
  2. Blood (episode 3)
  3. 3 (episode 7) VAMPIRES!*****
  4. Irresistible (episode 13)
  5. Soft Light (episode 23)

Season 3

  1. DPO (episode 3) Lightening (Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi)*****
  2. 2Shy (episode 6) *****
  3. Syzygy (episode 13) (Ryan Renolds cameo)
  4. Pusher (episode 17)
  5. Quagmire (episode 22) Lochness Monster*****
  6. Wetwired (episode 23)

Season 4

  1. Home (episode 2)
  2. Unruhe (episode 4)
  3. El Mundo Gira (episode 11) Chupacabra*****
  4. Never Again (episode 13) Jodie Foster vo Cameo
  5. Small Potatos (episode 20)

Season 5

  1. Detour (episode 4)
  2. Post-Modern Prometheus (episode 5)Mask and Jerry Springer tribute*****
  3. Schizogeny (episode 9)
  4. Chinga (episode 10)
  5. Bad Blood (episode 12) Luke Wilson cameo*****
  6. Folie A Deux (episode 19)*****

Season 6

  1. Drive (episode 2) Bryan Cranston*****
  2. Terms Of Endearment (episode 7) Bryan Campbell*****
  3. The Rain King (episode 8) Victoria Jackson*****
  4. Agua Mala (episode 13)*****
  5. Arcadia (episode 15)***** Mulder is dressed in a pink polo shirt in his first scene
  6. Milagro (episode 18)*****

Season 7

  1. Hungry (episode 3)
  2. Rush (episode 5)*****
  3. The Goldberg Variation (episode 6) Shia La Bouf cameo
  4. The Amazing Maleeni (episode 8)
  5. Brand X (episode 18)
  6. Fight Club (episode 20)
  7. Je Souhaite (episode 21) (I dream of wishes)

Season 8

  1. Patience (episode 3)
  2. Roadrunners (episode 4)
  3. Invocation (episode 5)
  4. Redrum (episode 6)
  5. Via Vegativa (episode 7)
  6. Surekill (episode 8)
  7. Alone (episode 9)

Season 9

  1. Lord Of The Flies (episode 5) Starring Aaron Paul love this episode totally old school x-files

More to come….


***** My very favorite episodes.



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Season 5 Episode 5, Trivia about Post-Modern Prometheus

I read that Chris Carter was on a Cher kick when he wrote it, which is why her music is featured in the episode. Cher also planned to do a cameo but her schedule did not allow it. Also Rosanne Bar was suppose to play Shaina Berkowitz. I think it is awesome, but then again I don’t mind corny.

It’s extra great if you have watched the film Mask (1985), but definitely not necessary. It’s done in black and white. The teenage son Izzy and his friend Booger, were locals in the town it was shot in, and wound up getting cast.