Villisca Axe Murder House


I was recently in Iowa and I made a trek out to the Villisca Axe Murder House.  If you are not familiar with the story then I recommend checking it out.  So sad.  So bizarre.  A husband and wife, Josiah and Sarah Moore, plus their four children, plus two friends sleeping over, were all brutally murdered while sleeping.  This house was very tiny so how a person committed all of these murders, without waking another in the house, is a mystery.  No one woke up, and these horrific murders remain unsolved.

Each person was found in a state of sleeping. Meaning, no one woke up during the murders. All axe wounds were inflicted above the neck, the majority going to Papa Josiah Moore. There were three suspects and zero convictions.

Cigarette butts were found in the attack which is where the video above starts. No one in the house smoked so it was speculated that they belonged to the killer/killers. The video does capture how tiny the house is.

The house is available for overnight stays and does not have trouble selling out. They are booked through December of 2013.

It is believed by most psychics and mediums (that have been there) that the house has been exorcised of any presences and that there are no supernatural entities currently residing in the house. This horrific tragedy happened in 1912, just over 100 years ago. Glad to hear that everyone has moved on. So if you are a ghost hunter save your money and try your luck on the Queen Mary or Hotel Del Coronado.

It was a beautiful drive to the middle of nowhere. So if you are nearby and able to take the drive it’s a fun little tour.