Van Nuys Ass Grabber – Update

In October of 2013 a young man on a skateboard brought down a rein of terror to the small, sleepy, valley community of Van Nuys, California.  There was a sexual predator on the loose grabbing the rear ends of young ladies near Sherman Way and Van Nuys Boulevard.  The young man has never been brought to justice, which begs the question. What happened to the Van Nuys Ass Grabber?  Is he dead?  Is he in prison?  Is he in an asylum?  Has he moved on to new hunting grounds? How can people in this town sleep at night knowing that a predator is still on the loose.  I decided to call the Los Angeles Police Department, Van Nuys Community Police Station, to see if I could find out what happened with the case?  Here is a transcript of our conversation.

LAPD VNCPS:   LAPD Van Nuys Community Police Station, Sargent Jeffries speaking, how can I help you?

Me: Hello. Sargent Jeffries? I am a concerned citizen and I’m trying find out some information about the Van Nuys Ass Grabber, and what is being done to pursue this individual.

LAPD VNCPS:  I’d be happy to help out with any information that I can, lady.  Can I get your name?

Me:  That is neither here nor there. Sargent Jeffries? May I call you Captain, it will sound more important in my blog?

LAPD VNCPS:  I’d prefer you didn’t.

Me: Cappi?

LAPD VNCPS:  Ma’am? I’d rather…

Me:  Very well then.  Sargent, what can you tell me about the Grabber?

LAPD VNCPS:  Well, not a whole lot.  The guy was never caught.

Me:  And why do you think that is?

LAPD VNCPS:  It could be any number of things.

Me:  Like a conspiracy?

LAPD VNCPS:  Ma’am? Could I have your name for my report?…

Me:  Have you brought in an FBI profiler?

LAPD VNCPS:  No.  But I need to get your n…

Me:  I have watched enough of those shows, and I can do a little profiling of my own.  Like why did he disappear right after the stories came out?  Do you think he was a member of Law Enforcement?

VAN NUYS PD:  Can I just get a name.

Me:  I’m not the one on trial here. Why are you evading my questions??? I think you know more than you are letting on…

It was then that the line went dead. So many unanswered questions, and the Police seems to be very evasive on the subject. I smell something rotten in Van Nuys, I smell a cover up! I am certainly not done with this story. Stay tuned for updates.


An artists rendering of the the Alleged Serial Ass Grabber.

“The Grabber”