Top 10 Metallic Songs

I threw together a list of some of Metallica’s most awesome songs, but how can you includify every one of them? Songs like Enter Sandman I love, but have heard so many times. Same with One. So I created my list based on my mood this minute. In no particular order;

  1. Master Of Puppets (1986)

2.  Fade to Black (1984)

3. Wherever I may Roam (1991)

4. Unforgiven (1991) Totally overplayed video on Mtv in the 90s, but I love this song.

5. Don’t Tread On Me (1991) I love the West Side Story tribute.

6. Through the Never (1991)

7. Nothing Else Matters (1991)

8. Harvester of Sorrow (1988)

9. Sad But True (1992)

10. Seek and Destroy (1983)

Authors Note: I left Fuel off on purpose. It’s not one of my favorite songs.