That Lovable Junkie on Fear Of The Walking Dead

This post contains spoilers, so don’t read unless you are caught up.

With auto-record it’s so easy to fall behind on shows. I only realize that I’ve missed an episode when I see posts on Instagram the following day from shows like Better Call Saul.

Back to Fear Of The Walking Dead.

Frank Dillane plays Nicholas Clark.

Sweet and lovable Nick. The junkie with the heart of gold. Every tv show needs a character like his.

Nick, the x heroin addict, is now fearless. Cause using drugs is a fearless thing to do. Right? I’m not sure I agree with this theory, but what are you going to do, argue plot points over a show about Zombies.

I’ll enjoy the show a little more if I roll with the story line. Besides, I LOVE ridiculous story lines.

I hope editing gets better though, cause I find myself constantly confused and having to hit rewind. Like the scene where a few people are on a raft and they pull up the guy, then realize that he was bit, then wack him with the oar. The seating arrangement totally changed and I found myself slightly confused.

Back to Nick. The fearless recovering addict who still has a problem with personal hygiene, like his hair. He’s great with kids and would make a terrific nanny. But can we see him with combed hair and find another way to signal to people that he was a substance abuser. He appears to be clean and serene and enjoying every minute of it.


I also love that he is such an expert on narcotics that he knew right away, the survivalist families pills, were suicide pills. I mean duh, what good junkie doesn’t know exactly what a homemade suicide pill looks like.

“He’s planning to Jonestown his whole family.”

The zombies in the sunken boat was pretty cool.

I would not care if it was in The Walking Dead or Fear Of, but I’d like to see an acupuncture zombie, and possibly a few Ren Fair Zombies.  Surely the West Coast has some some of those or maybe a few escaped Disney characters, from the theme park. Some spin class instructors and a few gym trainers. People are always in athletic gear in Los Angeles.

The zombies getting washed up on shore was pretty awesome. Made me think of Land Of The Dead (2005), when the zombies walked across the water. So creepy and refreshing!

That shot was very memorable.

All in all, great episode.

Does Nick remind anyone else of another TV Character?