Steven Avery’s Ex Jodi Stachowski Stepping Forward For Her 15 Minutes Of Fame

In Making A Murderer, there is a scene where Jodi Stachowski is flipping through her phone records, recalling 2 conversations with Steven during the time of the alleged rape and murder. She said his voice was calm and they spoke for about 15 minutes. The call was recorded, if you’d like to listen and form your own opinion. It sounds like two lovers that miss each other. His voice does not sound hurried at all.

This is what Jodi told the producers during Making A Murderer.

“I’m looking at the phone bill from October 31st.

1I called Steven at 5:36.


Supposedly when all.. this..


murder or whatever was supposedly happening


And we talked for 15 minutes, and…


the conversation was normal


He didn’t sound rushed or like he was doing anything.


and if we was in the middle of doing something


we wouldn’t have talked for 15 minutes





Episode 4 at 29 minutes in listen to the conversation as it’s recorded from the prison that Jodi was serving time in for a DUI.

Jodi called Steven again at 8:57pm and had another recorded conversation. In that conversation they are discussing how she wants him to propose to her. She is demanding romantic! Not ‘down on one knee’ romantic. She wants ‘rose petals in the bath tub’ romantic.

I’ve seen candle light and rose petal baths in movies, but that’s about it. Who the hell wants to clean that mess. Have you ever tried to sweep a flower petal?


Romantic Bubble Bath Ideas1


I’m not sure what Jodi’s motives were for pursuing Steven when he was in prison, and I’m not sure what her motives are for going on Nancy Grace.  In addition to candle light and roses, she seems to also like basking in the limelight.

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