Nancy Grace Bashes Making A Murderer, But Did She Even Watch It?

Nancy Grace went off bashing the Netflix Documentary Making A Murderer. But did she even watch it? It sure doesn’t seem like it to me. She mentions that Steven Avery was guilty of setting a cat on fire and that it was not mentioned in the documentary.

If you watched the documentary, all of his crimes are highlighted in episode 1. Including setting a cat of fire. Avery admitted his wrongdoings, accepted his sentence and did his time.

It seems like Grace lambasted the show without ever having watched a single episode. How does she know what did or didn’t happen all those years ago?

You are welcome to think what you want. Agree, disagree. Just be informed.

After seeing Avery spend 18 years in prison for a rape that he was later exonerated for, it’s not so tough to believe that he was wrongfully convicted again. Manitowoc said they would not be involved in the murder investigation, when clearly, they were. On the most important days at that. Prosecutor’s claimed she was tied to his bed and beaten and raped, yet not a single hair on her head was found in his house. They say he’s a slob and never takes showers, but in the 5 days before they searched his house, he acquires super human cleaning abilities and meticulously cleaned all of Halbachs DNA?

Later Halbach’s car key was found in Avery’s house. But it was only found after more than 10 searches and only after being pointed out by a person that should not have been involved in the case. The key had none of Halbach’s DNA on it. Only Stevens. How could her car key have none of her own DNA on it, but only his? It’s all very suspicious.

How were none of his fingerprints found in her car but his blood was? If he had gloves on, how was his blood there. Prosecution was trying to say that it was from a teeny, tiny cut on the inside of one of his fingers. Clearly not a defense wound. How did it get through the gloves?

There are way too many questions here than answers.

I have no idea what happened, but it’s not so far fetched to believe that he was wrongfully imprisoned, ONCE AGAIN! Why? Because look at the history. Who has a track record of what? That’s why.




I also realize that there are very few Joe Kendas in this world. Too bad, the world could use more detectives like him.