Making A Murderer – Brendan Seeking New Trial – Len Kachinsky Did Not Have His Back

In Making A Murderer, episode 10, Brendan is seeking a new trial. I should clarify, is seeking a fair trial. Len Kachinsky is questioned for using incredibly bad judgement with Brendan and for lying about it.

This guy does a fantastic job grilling Kachinsky.

“Were you appointed on March 7th or March 8th?”

Kachinsky: March 7th

“And did you speak to Brendan on that day?”

Kachinsky: I don’t believe I did.

“But you did speak with the press is that right?”

Kachinsky: Yes, shortly after the calls started rolling in.



Kachinsky looks surprised as he is reading his own statements aloud, claiming that was not him.

The honorable Judge Willis looks fair and just. ¬†hmmm let’s see how he rules



Then Brendan’s own attorney, Len Kachinsky hires a seasoned private detective to supposedly give Brendan a polygraph. (Note: Brendan had been asking to take a polygraph from day one to prove his innocence.)

While claiming he is there for the defendant, O’Kelly has an ulterior motive. To get a signed confession for the prosecution. How do these people sleep at night?

Surely with Brendan’s own defense team working so vehemently against him, any judge would see fit to grant this poor kid a new trial right??? Wrong.

Michael O’Kelly does this phony baloney cry at the sight of a blue ribbon that he has laid out for Teresa Halbach. Must be seen to be believed.

E-mail exchange from O’Kelly to Kachinsky. These guys are totally plotting against their own client. O’Kelly also sounds like a sexual predator.

“Brendan needs to be alone. When he sees me this Friday, I will be a source of relief. He needs to trust me and the direction that I steer him to. We need to separate him from fantasy and bring him to see reality from our perspective.

I am learning the Avery family history and about each member of the Avery family. These are criminals. There are members engaged in sexual activities with nieces, nephews, cousins, in laws. Customers or their relatives unwittingly become victims of their sexual fantasies. This is truly where the devil resides in comfort.

(sniffel sniffel… sob sob) I keep thinking of the blue ribbon.


I can find no good in any member. These people are pure evil. A friend of mine suggested. This is a one branch family tree. Cut this tree down. We need to end the gene pool here.”


Did he really say that? Yep. O’Kelly read that with no conviction what so ever. At least when Kachinsky read his remarks aloud, you could tell he was pretty horrified. This is probably how the majority of these people think.

New Trial Denied. Shocker.

I am horrified and outraged to say the very least. I will continue to voice my thoughts along with 98% of the entire world that can see the obvious miscarriage of justice here.