International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division

“It was at this point that we decided, you owe me a new camera.”

A paranormal parody.

This show is awesome!

The International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division is a hilarious new show that is on DirecTV.  All episodes are available On Demand. If you do a Smart Search they will come right up.

In this episode Jenny McCarthy has an “amorous apparition”. She is renting a house that some of her hot, Hollywood, female, friends, have lived in before, and were satisfied with, in more ways than one. This house is believed to be haunted by a polo player that died in the residence. This spirit has a proclivity for bedding the home’s female occupants, which the girls don’t seem to mind, and rather enjoy. IGI – International Ghost Investigators was called and Paul and Dave, the two lead investigators, are on the case. Not to get rid of the ghost. No smudgings today. They need to conduct an investigation because Jenny has a few questions that she hopes the guys are able to answer.

“I didn’t feel violated. I felt… elated.”

Here is a 7 minute edited version. The re-enactments (which are absolutely priceless) are scaled way back.

This is a picture from the re-enactment scene.  I think the photo speaks for itself.

Dave and Paul stayed overnight to conduct more research. These guys are more dedicated to their jobs than Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Apparently, night vision goggles, not so good in direct sunlight.
David Anthony Higgins and Paul Greenberg are so incredibly funny together.
I am a big fan of these guys and this show. I started a fan-page on Facebook.
International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division.
Please like their page if you feel so inclined and wish to see photos, upcoming show times and updates.
IGI – has some upcoming shows with Mary Lynn Rajskub, Dana Gould and Mary McCormack.