Hot Girls Wanted (2015) End Credit Song

“Every day a new girl turns 18, and every day a new girl wants to do porn, I will never run out.”

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Just watched Hot Girls Wanted (2015)I almost did not finish it because it’s so sad. I was glad that I watched to the end. It has a powerful message to young girls looking for shortcuts to fame and fortune.

The movie chronicles the shelf life of an amateur porn star. First month, everyone is happy, everyone is shooting Cum Fiesta and making easy money.


Second month, people are taking advantage of the naive young starlets. Ava Taylor is offered a large amount of money to fly to LA and do a straight BJ scene. Only after she has already started filming, does she learn that it’s a *forced blow job. She wants to leave but does not know if she can. She remarks that she now knows how rape victims feel. She also, is starting to realize the mistake she made by commenting “did I really want money that bad?”

By the third month, reality has set in and bitterness and resentment seems to be the general theme. 

Tressa notes that in 4 months she made 25,000$, but only has 2,000 left to show for it.

My heart goes out to every girl in the movie. I hope they learned from it. If they did, then it served it’s purpose, end of story.


I was struck by the song that went with the end credits.

I’m posting the lyrics, in case anyone else is trying to find the song from the end credits of Hot Girls Wanted (2015). Sirens by DA & The Jones

It’s on Netflix streaming now.



They look weird because I typed them on my phone and cut and pasted them.


Sirens by DA & The Jones

Stayed true to the course as I could
But the sirens are hard to ignore

Once you open up to the song

You'll go down down down before long

Got a bad heart

Got a mean steak
Good way of leaving you weak

Got time to kill

But time don't equal love

Just remind you of

The water...

We can't get above

The sirens will take you down low

Your heart once fast goes slow

Your throat burns from where there was song

All the words and the harmony gone

Got a bad heart
Got a mean streak

Good way of leaving you weak

Got time to kill

But time don't equal love

Just reminds you of

The Water


We can't get above

One last call to carry home

I won't let you fall
One more song to follow you down

It goes on and on and on

Got a bad heart got a mean streak


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* a forced blow job is exactly what it sounds like