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Van Nuys Ass Grabber – Update

In October of 2013 a young man on a skateboard brought down a rein of terror to the small, sleepy, valley community of Van Nuys, California.  There was a sexual predator on the loose grabbing the rear ends of young ladies near Sherman Way and Van Nuys Boulevard.  The young man has never been brought…


Uncle Rico was in original movie Helter Skelter

The original Helter Skelter (1976) full length movie is available to watch on Youtube if you have any desire.  Everyone in it is fantastic, especially the young groundskeeper. Jon Gries is the actor that played William Garretson in the movie and was pretty good too.  He is probably most remembered for his role as Uncle…


Walpurgis Night

Does anyone believe in Walpurgis?  Today is exactly 6 months til Halloween. Last night we had raviolis for dinner.  Everyone ate.  Then I cleaned the entire kitchen.  But my daughter was still hungry so my husband made her another batch of pasta.  I decided to keep that mess for morning.  And this is what greeted…