Brenden Dassey’s Brother Brad Radio Interview & New Song #TheyDidn’tDoIt


After watching the Netflix series Making A Murderer, I’m intrigued and can’t help but follow the story of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey. Both are serving a life sentence for murder, but people are questioning their guilt.

Brenden’s half brother Brad Dassey did a radio interview on a country radio station The Jake And Tanner Show in Milwaukee this morning.

Radio Interview On Youtube!


He admits to having no relation to Steven Avery, and says that he is related to Brendan through their dad, but grew up with his mother.

He’s intelligent, nice, and seems as baffled about the murder of Teresa Halbach as anyone else that has watched the Netflix series Making A Murderer.

He admits that his last name has caused him to lose jobs over the years but genuinely seems to have no resentment or ill will toward anyone.

He says that he met Steven Avery one time and described him as silly and goofy. The story is pretty funny.

They Didn’t Do It (song by brother Brad Dassey) #TheyDidn’tDoIt


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